The Beauty in You

If you could see what I see....


Celebrating our moms: What was your mom’s best style/beauty tip?

Mom's beauty and style tips Our mother's influence us in so many ways.  If you look in my refrigerator or my makeup case, it is likely you will see similar products to the ones my mom uses.  Some things never get away from us.  My mom is 85  years young and so beautiful and full... Continue Reading →

Beauty which Departs but Returns

One of my loves as an artist is in creating mini works of art from little things I have found and love.  What started as a hobby many years ago became a passion in collecting and creating.  Today, in my spare time, I create little jewelry treasures made from findings I pick up every where. They... Continue Reading →

Where is your essence?

It is completely meaningless to put effort into activities that have no essence. Let's just say that "essence" is "that which is".  It is what makes up the substance, the core, the fullness of something...of you, your ideas, your dreams, your work, your love.  It is the choicest, most essential part of you!  The question... Continue Reading →

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