Enter Summer

The evening crickets Sing their song to the fireflies Warm winds kiss my face


Bravely March Forward!

    Wind in my face Chimes gently tinkling Blue Jay chants Mockingbirds winking Ahhh the seasons - the cold ends, Spring bounces in and Summer hits us quick and hard.  Every season brings new sounds, new colors, and new winds blow in change, delight,  and challenge!  I love the seasons, but I hate the... Continue Reading →

A Love Song

Every year as the ground slowly awakens to Spring, the birds emerge with their songs boasting their comeliness, inviting their potential mate with a whistle, and defending their realm with a rant .  Here is an ode to these little creatures and the songs they sing to each other... XOXO Sandy   A Love Song Following the... Continue Reading →

Eternal Spring

Eternal Spring Sunshine to capture the warmth of Spring The harmony of birds that sing Love that fills the soul  . . . The heart’s reawakening

Ending scorched heated days of summer crisp sun dappled moments laced with children's laughter gin and tonics and pool-side acrobatics cooler water flows from the hose Lacey and Caesar repose from ferocious growth to quiet contemplation summers' winds lay down Conspiring portrait of the full-moon laughing a chill on the skin wrapping, enclosing all that's... Continue Reading →

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