The Art of Fly Fishing

The Art of Fly Fishing Life is not to be grasped violently Or held onto desperately But rather to be allowed to flow through your fingers Like the delicate line of a fly-fishing rod Artfully cast into the stream Skillfully plotted With a watchful eye And tenderly guided with a firm grip © Sandy Hibbard... Continue Reading →


Bravely March Forward!

    Wind in my face Chimes gently tinkling Blue Jay chants Mockingbirds winking Ahhh the seasons - the cold ends, Spring bounces in and Summer hits us quick and hard.  Every season brings new sounds, new colors, and new winds blow in change, delight,  and challenge!  I love the seasons, but I hate the... Continue Reading →

Accepting Ourselves is where Freedom Begins

  Embracing ourselves and our talents as they are, AND our limitations as they are, is the place where freedom begins. ~ Sandy Hibbard   The most difficult thing [to some] is accepting yourself - right where you are. I think as an artist/creative we’re always worried about how other people are going to perceive the scope... Continue Reading →

She’s got Chutzpah

I'm thinking that as you age, it must be necessary that you develop a keener awareness and a bolder, even fearless attitude - and to basically not give a shit. Otherwise, this fast and furious culture we live in would eat you up, and the resonate fear of it could drive you to want to do nothing... Continue Reading →

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