For the Love of Your Daily Life

Keeping your perspective when you have to deal with all your stuff in 24-hour chunks can be challenging. There are a lot of interruptions, distractions, and hurdles to overcome. Some can master the juggling act at an early age, like in their 30’s, others own it later in life. As for me, I married early, had kids early, and was lucky to built a value system that is really centered around the love of my daily life. I have learned the juggling along the way and have kept a keen perspective by training my “vision” through self-talk and living in the moment. When I feel crazy, this is what calms me down. Like the almost full moon, looking as if it’s hanging by a thread, the beautiful 91.75% waxing gibbous moon above the trees on a cold-crisp autumn night. When you look above beyond all of the clouds and to the extent of your vision, the stars forever shine. They are always there, faithful, you can count on them. It’s a lesson in humility simply knowing that you’re just one small thing. You’re not changing anything; you’re only reacting to it. In the long run it’s your own unique way of seeing and staying aware in your daily life othat hones your perspective. It also helps to keep you from taking yourself too seriously. Perhaps that’s how you master the juggling act…

Love and peace XOXOXOOX

sandy hibbard at #saturdaysoul


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