Accept the Unknown…. UG!  Embracing the mystery of life and accepting the “unknown” outcome has been a journey for me that I feel like I have only yet started. And even thought I am a grown ass woman, I feel as I am beginning to see life as a young person just starting out and accepting that I don’t have to “know” how everything is going to turn out. In fact, part of the adventure is just that – not knowing, allowing things to flow into the space they are meant to take.

I think it’s better to embrace the moments of my life and taste than to wish for another time or place and live in the emptiness. When I drop the walls of judgment and intolerance and open my heart to life, I feel deeper, see further and love completely.  When I let go of my fears and allow myself to be fully me, not caring what other people think, I feel free, and I feel like a whole human being.  This is where my passion is nurtured and my sight strengthened so that I can see the beauty along the way and move from passage to passage embracing the magic of every moment I’ve been given.

Opening your heart – and keeping it open – has never been a bad idea.




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