Click on the audio link below for the spoken word poetry by Sandy.   Recollections Midnight lights dimmed across the eclectic apartment filled with colorful objects unnecessary things square pictures 4 by 4 line the edges of her mirrored door . . . framing her stories but his image is not there the... Continue Reading →

MOrPHine maDNEss

  Here is a piece I wrote recently NOT under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but under the spell of the letter "M" and dreams, the crazy, insane world that can live in only our own heads.  Think a little MacBeth or Shakespeare when you read or listen to this and try to find... Continue Reading →

Costumes, Candor, Glitter and Glamour

  For the audio version, click on the link below: Costumes, Candor, Glitter and Glamour  I want to live amidst the bustle where diversity teems together without hate sweet treats and ginger snacks at your fingertips I can hear the cargo horn as the bell train whistles while the ferry boat leaves in its wake... Continue Reading →

To No End

"Emotions are too raw to let me lie.... this is what I want" Click the audio link to hear the spoken word: TO NO END  Oh don’t get me wrong I do love you I want to share life The little time that I have I want that to belong to you There is no... Continue Reading →

Dear World

Happy Valentine's Day Lovies!  Sometimes when I am writing, I think that if I could speak my poetry or prose, it might bring a deeper meaning to the reader/listener. So, with this special Valentine's Day post I decided to include a recording of me reciting the poem.  I hope you enjoy! Today was a thoughtful... Continue Reading →

Desire Denied

Desire denied love dies finds another place to hide Love missed insists on a kiss Heart enflamed seeks to sustain the spark that was to blame © Sandy Hibbard 2017

Accepting Ourselves is where Freedom Begins

  Embracing ourselves and our talents as they are, AND our limitations as they are, is the place where freedom begins. ~ Sandy Hibbard   The most difficult thing [to some] is accepting yourself - right where you are. I think as an artist/creative we’re always worried about how other people are going to perceive the scope... Continue Reading →

10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Confidence

  There is no question to me that having PURPOSE drives more confidence in a woman than just about anything else... short of red lipstick maybe!   Beauty regimes, great bodies and fashion savvy are excellent confidence boosters... why?  Because on the surface it make us feel pretty, or handsome, desirable, and good about ourselves.... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Eternity

Remember when you first fell in love?  The many times you fell in love?  Remember how in the beginning every moment was magic and you wished it would never end?  In the midst of your love affair the responsibilities of daily living and other people and problems start to creep in (and they always do).... Continue Reading →

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